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Black Motorcycle

Membership is open to active or retired men and women of:

  • Law Enforcement (City, District, State or Federal)

  • Correctional Officers

  • Military Police

  • Firefighters

  • Paramedics

  • Boarder Patrol

  • Select citizens with a nexus to law enforcement

There is a “hang around” and “prospect” time frames that must be abided.


Be an active full or part time law enforcement officer with powers of arrest

Be employed by a governmental agency and receive monetary compensation, or be a

retired or disabled former law enforcement officer


Possess a valid license to operate a motorcycle

Own a motorcycle that is at least 600 cc or higher. Cruiser style, any make or crotch

rockets, but no dirt bikes.


Have a minimum of 1 year riding experience and at least 3,000 plus miles of


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